New Sunday afternoon family league to launch this summer

It's hot outside. Why not enjoy the air conditioning and play some pool with your family? Our summer league is fun for all ages. Call us to find out more.


April 2015
        Bingo Fridays 17, 24
    01 Board Meeting @ 1900
    03 Good Friday - no bingo
    08 Regular Meeting @ 1900
    25 Spaghetti Dinner

May 2015
        Bingo Fridays 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
    02 Bingo Workers Awards Dinner
    06 Board Meeting
    13 Regular Meeting
    29 Special Bingo night; $5 off each bingo pack!

President                     Dave Duma

Vice President            Dave Frohwitter

Treasurer                    Howard Choffel

Secretary                     Brian Goldshmidt

Kitchen Manager      Eric Harris      

Kitchen Manager      James O’Neill   


Meet the Men's Club

The Men's Club was organized over fifty years ago when Father Damian was pastor.  The primary goal after building the original church (now offices and meeting rooms) was starting a school.  The men were tasked with raising funds to support the endeavor as well as physical assistance with grounds maintenance.  At the time, approximately half of the men in the parish responded to the call volunteering their time and energy to provide needed facilities for a new growing parish. 

    The goal of the Men's Club today continues to be the support of the pastor and his vision of parish needs.  The Friday night bingo game, which was started fifty years ago (1964), provided significant financial assistance for the school construction and other parish projects.  Now, upwards of $120,000(+) per year is provided in direct financial support to the parish and school activities. 

    To foster greater social interaction for the parish, the men cook and serve three spaghetti dinners per year to provide an opportunity for parish fellowship.  The dinner for the Daddy/Daughter Dinner Dance in February each year is donated and cooked at no cost to the Athletic Committee. The food provided at the annual parish picnic in September (on the Sunday after Labor Day) is also supplied, cooked and served by the Men’s Club.

    Donations from the weekly bingo profits go directly to the church and the school and support many programs including the school Endowment Fund, Teacher’s Benefit Fund, retirement funds for priests and nuns, and other selected charitable organizations in the community as well as the parish General Fund.

    Many of our members are also involved in other parish ministries (i.e. Parish Council, Financial Council, Ushers, Lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers), as well as other outside fraternal organizations including the Knights of Columbus.  All men are welcome in the Men’s Club.

    The average age of the Club members is getting older and the membership has been gradually decreasing, therefore we need new members (age 18 and up) to spread the load and continue to provide these services to the parish.  If you can help at ANY of these functions, we encourage you to join us; your help will be greatly appreciated.  

    The Club meets at 7 PM on the second Wednesday of each month (except July and August) in the Men’s Club room in the gym.  All men of the parish are invited to attend and stay for refreshments after the meeting where you can get answers to your questions about the Men’s Club.  Or stop in the gym any Friday night after 5:30 PM and offer to help in the weekly bingo game. 

    For additional information contact any Board member listed below:

Summary of Service to the Parish
March 2014

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